Purchasing Department

The responsibility for purchasing materials and services for the District is centralized in the Purchasing Department. In accordance with State law, the Board of Education maintains the final responsibility for all purchases and contracts, and this responsibility cannont be delegated. As a result, all transactions between the District and any other entity or person involving the transfer of property or rendering of services, including purchase orders, contracts and agreements, are subject to approval or ratification by the Board of Education. The Director of Purchasing shall ensure that appropriate purchasing regulations and procedures are established and followed. All District purchasing transactions shall be conducted in an ethical, efficient, and business-like manner, and shall be based upon the highest standards of fairness, honesty and integrity.

Our Mission:

Operate in a diversified educational environment serving the best interest of our students, teachers, and District staff.

Our Goals:

  • Assist the District’s overall educational process at all times, understand all conditions, and to ensure a constant supply of goods and services necessary to support all school sites and departments.
  • Give prime consideration to the District’s best interests, while maintaining fair, courteous and ethical relationships with all of our suppliers.

Vendor Registration:

Thank you for interest in doing business with the Downey Unified School District.

The District has two online vendor registration systems. One for all goods and services, including construction, and one specifically for CUPCCAA.

As the need arises, District staff will use the appropriate database to identify the companies that provide the needed goods or services.

Online registration is a simple and streamlined process that allows our vendor community to easily register as a District vendor, which will allow companies to provide specific information about their firm.

Below are easy to follow vendor registration instructions.

Registered firms are solely responsible for maintaining up-to-date and accurate information and may edit their profile at any time.

Again, thank you for expressing an interest in doing business with the Downey Unified School District.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing purchasing and contracting services to the District’s sites and departments. The primary elements of this service:

  • Conduct purchasing transactions in accordance with established Board of Education policies and consistent with all State and Federal laws.
  • Conduct competetive bidding by means of advertised bids, written quotations, and oral price quotations in compliance with Board Policy, Administrative Regulations and/or State amd Federal laws.
  • Submit listings of all purchase orders written for ratification and /or approval by the Board of Education.
  • Conduct, supervise, and coordinate all purchase transactions for the schools and operating departments of the District from those sources able to offer the best prices consistent with quality, delivery, and service.
  • Maintain sound business management principles and efficient office procedures, reports, records, and systems for the proper conduct of the department.
  • Prepare and maintain an up-to-date stock catalog organized in accordance with principles of simplification and standardization.
  • Act as a center of information on sources for services, equipment, and supplies used by the District.
  • Maintain and disseminate current trade catalogs to all schools and departments as needed and/or requested.
  • Establish and maintain a system of inventory control to account for available equipment and supplies to ensure that sufficient materials are on hand and that equipment is properly identified and insured.
  • Establish a purchasing calendar to consolidate the ordering of seasonal items and seek price benefits through proper timing and quantity of purchasing.
  • Handle the disposal of all surplus, obsolete, or scrap materials and District records as authorized and approved by the Board of Education.
  • Ensure that items received are as ordered relative to quantity, quality, brand, and price.
  • Ensure that all orders are placed on the basis of quality, price, and delivery with no favoritism extended to any vendor.
  • Ensure that all vendors and contractors comply with the Immigration and Reform and COntrol Act of 1986 and are Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employers.

Purchasing Team

DUSD logo in a heart shape

Portia Mina

Director, Purchasing and Warehouse

(562) 469-6531


• Contracts
• Rentals/Rental Agreements
• Maintenance Agreements
• Construction/Modernization Projects
• Architectural Services
• Transportation Services
• Contracted Services
• Consultant Agreements
• Vehicles

DUSD logo in a heart shape


Assistant Buyer 

(562) 469-6532


• Conference Registrations
• Earthquake Supplies and Equipment
• Field Trips
• Health Supplies
• Nursing/Dental Equipment and Supplies
• Purchase Order Distribution and Mailing
• General Clerical
• Memberships
• Warehouse Stock – Health Supplies
• Printing Services/Equipment/Supplies

Jiminez portrait

Danny Jimenez


(562) 469-6533


• Computers, Printers and Other Peripheral Items
• STEAM Equipment and Supplies
• Audio/Visual Equipment and Supplies
• Copiers/Duplicators and Related Supplies
• Photo Equipment and Supplies
• Grounds Supplies and Equipment
• Irrigation Supplies and Equipment
• Operations Supplies and Equipment
• Maintenance Supplies and Equipment
• Transportation Supplies and Equipment
• Hand-tools
• Lumber
• Public Works Small Projects (CUPCCAA)

Shih portrait

Florence Shih


(562) 469-6534


• Food
• Outside Food Catering Services
• Food Services Equipment and Supplies
• Subscriptions
• Maps and Globes
• Instructional Supplies and Materials
• Books – Text, Supplemental and Library
• Special Education Instructional Materials
• Special Education Equipment
• Testing Materials

Gutierrez portrait

Marcos Gutierrez


(562) 469-6535


• Office Equipment and Supplies
• Furniture
• Athletic Equipment and Supplies
• Uniforms
• Science Equipment and Supplies
• Art Equipment and Supplies
• Promotional Items
• Paper
• Trophies, Awards, Medallions
• Diplomas/Graduation Supplies
• Library Furniture and Supplies
• Rubber Stamps and Nameplates
• Instructional Supplies and Materials

Uriarte portrait

Ivan Uriarte

District Warehouse Supervisor

(562) 469-6659

Warehouse Address

Downey Unified School District
11627 Brookshire Avenue (enter on Davis Street)
Downey, CA 90241


Katrina Juarez-Lorenzetti

Intermediate Clerical Assistant

(562) 469-6665


• Records Scanning
• Records Maintenance and Request for Records
• Disposal of District Records
• Disposal of District Surplus Equipment and Supplies
• District Inventory and Surplus

Bids & RFPs

Facilities Planning & Development

Food Services

Maintenance, Operations & Transportation


Technology & Information Systems

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