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Our kids deserve the best. Our kids deserve wellness.

When we say we strive to offer you the best at Downey Unified, we mean it. That extends beyond academics to the well-being of our students. When you face stress, anxiety, conflict, tragedy or trauma, you need a support system in place. You need a helping hand. You may just need someone to listen to you. To truly offer you the best and set up our students for success, we’ve opened Wellness Centers at each Downey Unified middle and high school.

Because of the pandemic, the way we face various tragedies, traumas and even celebrations has changed. In our technology-driven, social media-centered world, our youth face challenges like never before and our goal is to have a place where students and families can find resources and support. Although we have always had numerous supports in place, with the opening of on-campus Wellness Centers at each of our middle and high schools, we can proudly say Downey Unified is on its way to creating a model districtwide program that will proactively provide students with the much-needed support this upcoming school year and beyond.

Dr. Robert Jagielski

Senior Director of Student Safety, Wellness and Engagement

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Setting Our Students Up for Success Academically and Mentally

Our Wellness Centers offer students a mental health one-stop-shop where they have access to counseling, clinical therapy, community resource referrals and more. Our professionals provide a wide variety of services and programs to address overcoming life’s obstacles.

All students are encouraged to utilize the Wellness Centers. Students can access its resources by visiting a center and scheduling an appointment. Our Trained Academic Counselors will also help identify students who may benefit from our services.

Our Goals

Wellness Center services will help students find support for physical, mental, emotional and social concerns. Our mission is to:
  • Provide easily accessible resources for students and their families
  • Proactively teach our students how to overcome mental health challenges
  • Listen and provide guidance
  • Reassure students that it is all right to ask for help
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Safe and Welcoming

Furnished with cozy bean bag chairs and couches and decorated with pleasing artwork, the Wellness Centers provide a comfortable setting for students to stop in during their breaks. Here you have space to ask questions, receive support or take a moment to decompress.

Downey Unified’s Wellness Centers are also equipped with a conference table to hold group meetings and private offices for one-on-one meetings.

After-school support is available at the high school Wellness Centers daily.

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Ready to Join the Downey Unified Family?

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Personalized & Robust Mental Health Services

Downey Unified has strong partnerships with many local mental health service providers. As one of our partners, Pacific Clinics will provide a robust on-campus program through our Wellness Centers. Our center staff and Academic Counselors will create personalized pathways for students that best meet their academic and wellness support needs.

Extended Support

Students identified as in need of extended support will have access to the Wellness Center during the school day for scheduled appointments with a Licensed Clinical Therapist. These students may also be guided toward community-based resources for their individual needs.

Specialized Academic Support

The Wellness Centers also provide a new opportunity for students taking part in Section 504 Accommodation Plans or Individualized Education Plans. These students may now receive some supports in a Wellness Center. DUSD staff will identify students who may qualify and recommend appropriate supports. 

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Education Programs for Our Families Through our partnership with Pacific Clinics, Downey Unified will also provide parent education programs to provide mental health education and support for our families. These programs will utilize an evidence-based curriculum and offer support groups.

Wellness Resources

For Students

For Parents

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Virtual Calming Rooms

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Sussman Middle School
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Stauffer Middle School
Room: 25
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Columbus High School
Room: B-1
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Downey High School
Room: A-101
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Warren High School
Room: V-3
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Success in academics cannot fully occur without a healthy mind. Let’s tackle wellness together. Let’s empower classmates, family members and the community to make wellness a priority…because you deserve the best.