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Career Technical Education (CTE) courses integrate academics in a rigorous and relevant curriculum while allowing students active career exploration. Students have the opportunity to choose a career pathway which will allow them to acquire real-life skills to prepare them for successful, continuing education or entry-level career positions.

CTE Pathways prepares our students to be future-ready by teaching them to leverage and maximize new technologies to solve tasks and workplace problems. Our students learn to become skillfully adaptable in communicating ideas, interacting with others, and engaging in experiential processes.

With various options ranging from Food Science to Welding, we encourage our students to ask their academic counselor for help finding the right pathway for them.

    What You Can Achieve

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    Industry-Based Technical Skills


    Professional Workplace Experience

    Culinary Arts

    Acquire Industry Certifications


    College Credit

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    Learn More About Pathways

    Career pathways allow students to begin their careers as part of a normal school day. Students may enroll in a career pathway, where their high school coursework will simultaneously include standard courses necessary to enroll in a university as well as career specific courses so they may begin building their professional network and skills in a supportive, constructive environment.

    Visit each school’s CTE page to learn more details about each pathway.

    CTE Pathways

    Each CTE Pathway is industry-focused and usually consists of 2-3 courses. The last course in the pathway is the capstone. When students complete a course they may receive college credit or receive an industry certificate. Click on each industry below to see details about the courses and outcomes.

    Aerospace engineering

    Aerospace Engineering

    Audiovisual technology

    Audiovisual Tech Support

    Health and medical

    (DHS, WHS)




    Dance & Choreography





    (DHS, WHS)


    Film and video production

    Film & Video
    (DHS, WHS)

    Food science

    Food Science & Culinary Arts
    (DHS, WHS)

    Computer game programming

    Game Programming
    (DHS, WHS)

    Graphic design

    Graphic Design

    Machining and manufacturing

    Machining & Forming
    (DHS, WHS)

    Make up artistry

    Makeup Artistry
    (WHS, CHS)




    Medical care

    Patient Care


    Systems Diagnostic & Repair

    Commercial arts

    Visual & Commercial Arts
    (DHS, WHS)


    (DHS, WHS, CHS)

    Additional Opportunities

    Besides pathways, there are extracurricular programs available that allow students to learn professional and practicable skills outside the classroom.

    Students may participate in competitions and symposiums or work in entry-level jobs to explore different interests and figure out where they want to take their career, and get professional assistance with building their resume or college application to help them work towards their dreams.

    Work Experience & Internships

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    Students take part in extensive, hands-on career readiness workshops, and then have the opportunity to work in a paid position for 6 weeks during the summer.

    College Admissions Academy

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    Students are assigned a coach and work together in groups to improve their college applications, especially the written essay section which can make or break a college application.

    Downey Unified Esports League

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    The real opportunity for students is behind the games, not playing them. Esports is a great vehicle to get students interested in game design, programming, and coding.

    Femineers Extracurriculars

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    The program provides students with project-based learning, mentorship from female STEM professionals, and opportunities to visit Cal Poly Pomona, building a community for current and future female STEM leaders.

    Skills USA Opportunities

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    By utilizing specialized instruction, SkillsUSA prepares America’s high-performance workers in public career and technical programs, emphasizing quality educational experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development.
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    About Downey MADE

    Launched in 2016, the Downey MADE program takes students on an experiential journey of active career exploration. Within the program, students choose a career pathway linked to a sequence of classes. These classes are tied to specific industry sectors. Ultimately, MADE students develop technical and transferable skills that are unique to a particular career pathway.