CTE Pathways: Food Science & Hospitality

Those with dreams of becoming a chef or owning their own restaurant will want to consider the Food Service and Hospitality pathway. Discover the basics of culinary arts and build the skills you need to succeed.

Food Science, Dietetics, & Nutrition Pathway

Develop a deep understanding of what makes up a healthy diet and turn that knowledge into a rewarding profession in the food science and technology, dietetics and nutrition industries. Help others keep healthy and study how our diets relate to our overall well-being.

students in a kitchen
students in a kitchen
DHS students cooking


YEAR 1: Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition
Course Description
Throughout the course, students will learn about the science of food and how it affects the health of individuals. From lessons on kitchen safety to recipe math to understanding the nutritious value of a variety of food types, students will be well prepared to take an optional ServSafe Allergens certification exam at the end of the course.
YEAR 2: Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition Capstone
Course Description
The capstone course, Advanced Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition furthers students’ knowledge of nutrition and teaches them to apply it to planning and preparing meals with healthy diets in mind. The course covers macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, food-related illnesses, how food relates to fitness, and the career profession options available in the field.


Students who complete the first course and pass an assessment receive the ServSafe Allergens Certificate of Achievement.

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