It has been brought to our attention that in the past few weeks incidents of unauthorized fundraising have occurred throughout the city of Downey. These, purported, Downey, Warren or Columbus High School students have been walking door-to-door soliciting fundraising money for various clubs, music programs and sports teams. Although door-to-door fundraising does occur at the high school level during a traditional school year, due to the pandemic and the current county orders, students are not doing so at this time.

Continued support from the Downey community is greatly appreciated and we would like it to continue once it is safe to do so, however trust cannot be given to all those that say they are part of the Downey Unified family.  Please use caution as the school year continues as it is unfortunate that there are some fabricated cases occurring. 

If there is any question in regard to a particular door-to-door cause, they will be wearing their official high school T-shirt or uniform.  Feel free to inquire and ask questions about their club, music program or sports team, because Downey Unified students are knowledgeable and very happy to speak freely about the program they are involved in.

If such a case of unauthorized solicitation comes to your door, please contact the school in question immediately to bring it to their attention.