The Global Language Academies of Downey (G.L.A.D.) is expanding! Beginning next school year, G.L.A.D. will offer French as a second language option. Currently, students enrolled in the program are immersed in English and Spanish. From this year forward, new students and their families may choose between our English and Spanish program or English and French.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Our Dual Language Program has been a success at teaching students the cross-cultural skills needed to be college and career-ready in a global economy. Knowing more than one language will help your child stand out on their future job applications and opens up opportunities for them to engage with and learn from other cultures.

In addition to career benefits, learning a second language improves one’s memory, multi-tasking skills, creativity, and brain function. Young dual language learners have even been found to have more empathy than their peers.

The Benefits of Learning French

Living in Southern California, enrolling in our Spanish program may seem like the obvious choice, but there are many benefits to learning French.

  • Career and travel opportunities
  • Embrace a culture of art and academics
    • French is a common language in the arts from cooking to dance to architecture and more. If your child has shown a talent in the arts, French may be helpful as they pursue their craft. 
    • France is home to top global universities, including Sorbonne Universite
  • Similarities to other languages
    • Learning French can be a great starting point for learning other European languages like Italian, Romanian, and Spanish.

Whether your child is enrolled in Spanish or French, they will reap the benefits of being multilingual for years to come. As dual language speakers, they’ll have more opportunities to work in our global economy, to more comfortably travel and converse with others beyond the English-speaking parts of the world, and will have broadened their minds. Not to mention, as they master a second language, they’ll improve their confidence. 

If you have any questions about the G.L.A.D. program and our Spanish and French options, please contact us at (562) 904-3588 or