California is adding an extra year of school. Your child could start school at 4-years old.

We have great news! Your child can start reaping the rewards of being part of Downey Unified sooner than you think! For the 2024-25 school year, 4-year-olds whose 5th birthday occurs between Sept 2, 2024, and June 2, 2025, are now eligible to enroll in TK (also referred to as Universal TK or PreKindergarten)! Students who would have had to wait another full school year before starting their academic journey can begin in the fall.

We can’t wait to see our youngest learners join us in the classroom. We’re ready to prepare them for future success and jump-start a love for learning! And don’t forget… we provide full-day TK and Kindergarten, not half-days like some other districts.

Two students assembling blocks with numbers.

Enrollment for new students is also NOW OPEN, so use the button below to enroll for the 2024–25 school year today! The first day of the new school year is Wednesday, Aug. 14th, 2024.

Do you live outside the school district boundaries? Click here to apply for a permit

Birthdate / Grade Eligibility Chart

For students who have not participated in Kindergarten or First Grade programs before 2024–2025:

BirthdateGrade Level
Born after 06/02/20NOT ELIGIBLE
09/02/19 – 06/02/20TK
09/02/18 – 09/01/19Kindergarten
09/02/17 – 09/01/181st Grade

For students who have participated in K-12 programs before 2024–2025:

BirthdateGrade Level
09/02/17 – 09/01/181st Grade
09/02/16 – 09/01/172nd Grade
09/02/15 – 09/01/163rd Grade
09/02/14 – 09/01/154th Grade
10/02/13 – 09/01/145th Grade
11/02/12 – 10/01/136th Grade
12/02/11 – 11/01/127th Grade
12/02/10 – 12/01/118th Grade
12/02/09 – 12/01/109th Grade
12/02/08 – 12/01/0910th Grade
12/02/07 – 12/01/0811th Grade
12/02/06 – 12/01/0712th Grade