Welcome Future Vikes!

We are very excited that you will soon be joining us at DHS. Check out some of the resources on this page that were designed to help answer some of your questions as an incoming student.

Downey High School Transition Guide

The Transition Guide was created to highlight all the fantastic opportunities available at Downey High School. Students can begin exploring interests and begin mapping out their path towards college and/or career opportunities. The Transition Guide also contains all the information students and families need to connect with the various support staff and departments on campus.

Meet the administrative team, your counselors, ASB and Athletic Directors, and many other special program staff, all eagerly waiting to welcome you to Downey High School, Home of the Vikings!

Link Crew

Link Crew is a high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience.

Downey Link Crew is a student-run campus organization dedicated to making EVERY freshman feel like part of the Viking Family! Link Leaders create a positive campus community by building spirit – this is what we call the Vike Vibe.

Link Crew’s purpose is to create a campus that makes everyone #wishtheywereaviking. Leaders support the Freshmen class in every way possible from before and after school tutoring, to mentoring Freshmen and transfer students, to throwing social events, to just being someone to go to a football game with to cheer and scream – Link Crew ALWAYS has your back! Vike Vibe!