The core component of the AVID program is the AVID elective, which supports students as they challenge themselves in more rigorous classes. Immersed in a college-culture, students are taught:

  • Study skills
  • Note-taking
  • Time management
  • Writing and research skills
AVID decades of College Dreams
In Downey High School’s AVID program, students perform community service hours through various projects, visit at least 3 colleges per year, receive one-on-one help weekly from college tutors, and hear from guest speakers quarterly.
Students who are in AVID all four years at Downey High School, have completed 100 or more service hours, maintained good grades, and are accepted at a four-year university, will graduate with AVID Honors. These students receive special recognition in the graduation program, are awarded gold medallions to wear with their cap and gown, and are also given award plaques and scholarships.

AVID prepares students for college.
Over the past 15 years…


Accepted to a 4-Year University


Completed UC & CSU A-G Requirements

Universities AVID Students Have Attended

How to Join AVID

Application Process

  1. Attend AVID Information Nights
  2. Complete an AVID Application Form
    (Applications are sent out every January of the school year)
  3. Get your teachers to submit their recommendations
  4. Students participate in AVID Interviews

AVID Coordinators

For questions, please email our coordinators directly.

Mrs. Macomber

Mr. Manzanares

For more information, visit www.avid.org