Career Technical Education

Relevant Education for a Lifetime

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses at Downey High integrate academics in a rigorous and relevant curriculum. It provides students with an opportunity to acquire real-life skills to prepare them for successful, continuing education or entry-level career positions.

CTE Pathway Benefits:
  • Certifications in software programs
  • Dual Enrollment opportunities
  • Participation in SkillsUSA

Learn More: CTE Pathways at DHS

Each CTE Pathway is industry-focused and usually consists of 2-3 courses. The last course in the pathway is the capstone. When students complete a course they may receive college credit or receive an industry certificate. Click on each industry below to see details about the courses and outcomes.

Graphic design

Graphic Design

Commercial art

Visual & Commercial Arts


Dance & Choreography







Auto repair

Systems Diagnostic & Repair



Medical symbols

Patient Care

Food science

Food Science

Computer games

Game Programming


Machining & Forming



cte culinary

Why Participate in CTE?

  • Explore career interests and goals
  • Learn employability and job skills
  • Create a personal portfolio
  • Obtain work experience and on-the-job-training
  • Prepare for advanced career training
  • Receive high school credits
  • Compete in industry competitions

Career Technical Education at DUSD

What this means for parents…

Your student will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to successfully transition from school to career and beyond.

According to the Department of Labor, statistics show that skilled trade people can earn more money than people with master’s degrees. We believe that by integrating career technical education into the academic curriculum, students will see the connection and value between an education and career technical training.

Ultimately, students will be able to pursue rewarding and well-paying jobs and/or continue their education in college or a technical school.

What this means for students…

In addition to your college prep classes at DHS, you have the opportunity to experience hands-on training in a specific career area to see if you really want to invest your time to become an architect, chef, or hotel manager after you graduate.