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Pursuing Victory With Honor

Sports best achieves its positive impact on participants and society when everyone plays to win. In fact, without the passionate pursuit of victory much of the enjoyment, as well as the educational and spiritual value, of sports will be lost. Winning is important and trying to win is essential! But, achieving excellence without integrity isn’t winning, nor is it honorable. The object of the game is to win, but the objective of sport should be to teach students critical character skills that will serve them the rest of their life.

Fortunately, coaching character helps us achieve both goals – winning the game and developing the whole athlete. Teamwork, accountability, responsibility, work ethic, and discipline are critical to competitive success and individual growth. Talent matters, but the talent of your team will never outperform the culture and character of your team.

Pursuing Victory with Honor

Parent/Coach Relationship

Parenting and coaching are both extremely difficult vocations. We are able to provide our student-athletes with the greatest benefits by establishing an understanding of each other’s roles and expectations.

Many of the character traits required to be successful participants are exactly those that will promote a successful life after high school. 

Communication coaches should expect from parents

  • Express your concerns directly to the coach.
  • Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance.
  • Specific concerns regarding the coach’s philosophy and/or expectations.

Your children will experience some of the most rewarding moments of their lives as part of the Downey Athletic Program. It is important to understand that there will also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wish. During these times, direct positive discussion with the coach, not criticism, is encouraged.

Communication you should expect from your child's coach

  • The coach’s philosophy.
  • The coach’s expectations for your child, as well as his/her expectations for all players on the team.
  • Location and times of all practices and contests.
  • Team requirements, i.e., fundraising, special equipment, off-season conditioning.
  • Procedures and protocols that will be followed should your child be injured during their participation in athletics.
  • Disciplinary situations that might result in your child being denied the opportunity to participate in Downey High Athletics.

Issues not appropriate to discuss with Coaches

  • Playing Time
  • Team Strategy
  • Play Calling
  • Other Student-Athletes

These are situations that may require a private conference between the coach, athletic director, and parent. These conferences are encouraged. It is important that both the parents and coaches involved have a clear understanding of each other’s position. When these conferences are necessary, the following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern:

The procedures you should follow if you have a concern to discuss with the Coach
  • Call the school to set up an appointment.
  • If the coach cannot be reached, call the Athletic Director, who will set up the meeting for you.
  • Please do not attempt to confront a coach or meet with him/her before or after a contest or practice. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature usually do not promote resolutions.
THE NEXT STEP: What a parent can do if the meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution
  • Call and set up an appointment with the Athletic Director and an Administrator at the school to discuss the situation.
  • At this meeting, the appropriate next step can be determined.

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