Francios Dion (Bud) Uzes

Francois (Bud) Uzes entered Caltech as a freshman in 1951 after graduation from Downey High School. He had to leave when his dad died during his freshman year. He worked to help the family and attended Pasadena CC, taking drafting and surveying courses. In 1954 he was hired in field surveying and mapping for the California State Lands Commission. By the 70’s and 80’s he was head of the Boundary Determination Section of the State Lands Commission, directing a staff of up to 63. During his 33 years with the State, significant assignments included boundary determination at Huntington Harbor, Alamitos Bay, Newport Bay, Bolsa Chica wetlands, the California/Nevada state border and the offshore international boundary between the United States and Mexico.

In 1979, Mr. Uzes served as State’s expert witness in two very famous boundary setting hearings before the U.S. Supreme Court Special Master: 1) January, 1979, locating property boundaries of the Fort Mojave, Colorado River and Fort Yuma Indian Reservations for apportioning water rights and 2) October, 1979, Location of the 612-mile long California/Nevada bi-state border including the boundary line across Lake Tahoe.

In 1987 after 33 years with the State Lands Commission, Mr. Uzes retired and began his consulting firm, Boundaries Unlimited. He wrote three books: Chaining the Land, Edition 1, 1977; Illustrated Price Guide to Antique Surveying Instruments and Books, 1980, and Chaining the Land, Edition 2, 2006. He made exciting discoveries in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and in New Mexico (Anasazi Culture), Arizona, and the California Sierra Nevada Mountains. He was a very popular lecturer and speaker at professional surveying conferences, seminars and other gatherings. His collections of historical survey instruments and books have been shown in museums throughout California.