Allen Layne

For over 40 years, Allen Layne served public education and the Downey Unified School District in many capacities: teacher, coach, Athletic Director, and administrator.  Upon his retirement as principal of Downey High, the newly built, multi-million dollar football stadium was named in his honor, commemorating a career that many in the Downey community will long remember. Allen graduated from Utah State University in 1964 and began soon after, began his teaching career at Warren High School.  

In 1970, he transferred to Downey High school and served as the Athletic Director, Vice Principal, and Assistant Principal. He then transferred to Columbus High School, returning to Downy High as principal until his retirement in 2004. As a first year football coach, Allen Layne led the team to a League title in 1971, beating Dominguez 25-20, the Vikes first league title in almost ten years. As Athletic Director, he mentored new coaches and won the respect of veteran coaches in all areas of athletics. When he moved to administration, he kept the campus safe and running smoothly and earned the respect of students and staff.

His career culminated in 1994 when he was promoted to Principal of Downey High school, a school often referred to as the flagship of the district. Allen Layne is a man who loved the students and staff of Downey High and made a positive impact at Downey High School throughout his career. He continues to serve the public in many ways and recently completed a year on the Orange County Grand Jury.