Calling all 10th, 11th and 12th grade students!

Are you someone who enjoys collaborating with your peers, discussing different perspectives on important school issues, providing your input and being part of a thoughtful process resulting in innovative solutions? If so, read on!

Downey Unified is committed to leading and supporting the unique and varying needs of our students. With this goal in mind, we are working to identify solutions to ensure equity, enhance the quality of public education and support the well-being and achievements of all 22,000 of our students.

“Elevating student voices is critical in shaping conversations about education and creating change.”

John A. Garcia, Jr., Ph.D., Superintendent

Superintendent Dr. Garcia believes that elevating student voices is critical in shaping conversations about education and creating change; in fall 2021, he created the inaugural Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee (also known by its initials as the S-S-A-C) for this purpose. 

The Superintendent is seeking applications from incoming high school students in 10th-12th grade to take part in this unique opportunity.  The goal of this committee is to bring Columbus, Downey and Warren high school students together to share feedback, experiences, and viewpoints on a variety of issues taking place in their schools, throughout the district and within the community; as well as offer ideas to address those issues

As the SSAC embarks on its second year, the Superintendent is once again seeking applications from high school students in the 10th-12th grade to take part in this unique opportunity. This summer, a total of 15 students that successfully go through the application process will be selected to serve on the committee, alongside its existing 11 veteran members who participated in the 2021-22 school year. If selected, each student will also be required to provide verification of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) permission to participate and a Reference Form.

Reference Requirement

Student applicants must also identify a Teacher, Administrator or Certificated School Staff Member (e.g. a Counselor, School Psychologist, Dean, Advisor, etc.), at their current school, to submit a Reference Form on their behalf. It is the student’s responsibility to send their identified teacher, administrator, or staff the online Reference Form for completion and submission by the deadline indicated below. Only one reference is required.


The online Application AND Reference Forms are due online, no later than Sunday, June 5, 2022.

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Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held after school, at 3:30pm at the District Office located on Brookshire Avenue..  The first meeting is planned for August, at which time the schedule for the following meetings will be determined. Please stay tuned for updates!

Selection Criteria

All applications that are complete, have a complete corresponding Reference Form, and that are submitted online by the deadline will be considered in the selection process. Selection criteria for the Student Application and Reference Form include:

  • Student Applicant is a current Downey Unified student
  • Student Applicant is attending Columbus, Downey, or Warren High School
  • Student Applicant is in grade 10, 11, or 12 for the 2022-23 school year
  • Student Application was submitted complete, online and by the due date
    • Student submitted satisfactory responses to:
      • Listing of academic achievements, honors, extra-curricular activities, and work experience (if applicable). Explanation of how these activities have enhanced the applicant’s leadership ability.
      • Identifying/discussing what the applicant considers the most challenging issue(s) affecting students at Downey Unified, why and what students can do to make a difference.
      • Explaining why the applicant wants to serve as a member of the Advisory Committee and what they plan to contribute to the role.
  • Reference Form was submitted complete, online and by the deadline (on student’s behalf)
    • The Reference Form is completed by a current Downey Unified teacher, administrator, or certificated staff (e.g. a Counselor, School Psychologist, Dean, Advisory, etc.), at the student’s current school.
    • Student received satisfactory marks in the following criteria on their Reference Form:
      • Responsibility
      • Resourcefulness
      • Cooperation
      • Reliability
      • Preparedness
      • Student is respected by peers
      • Reference’s recommendation that the student be considered for the Committee
      • Any specific skills or characteristics that the Reference thinks the student applicant has that would benefit the Advisory Committee.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or selection criteria, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at (562) 469-6517 or email