How to Donate

Scheduled can collections will take place every Wednesday and Friday from 8am – 4pm in front of the admin. building. If for some reason your students/parents can’t make these designated times, someone in the front office will be able to assist them.

$$ donations will be accepted through Venmo (@whs-cfd) or in person at the aforementioned location and times. (Cash or Checks payable to: Downey Council PTA HELPS)

$$ DONATIONS GO A LONG WAY: The H.E.L.P.S. Room buys specific food items and gift cards with monetary donations. Given our current situation, monetary donations may be a preferable option.

CFD will run until Friday, January 8th with our 1st collection date being this Friday, December 4th.
All donations will be tallied and allocated to the appropriate teacher/class/team.

When making in person contributions each donor will fill out a donation sheet providing student name, teacher/group, name and the like.

When making donations through Venmo, it is important that donors include their first/last name and teacher/group name in the section called What’s this for?

  • 1 can = 1 pt. / $1 = 2 pts