Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

The Visual and Performing Arts program denotes quality, rigor, and choice, with opportunities for creative expression and continuous growth. The curriculum and assessment is mainly performance based, which allows for students of all backgrounds to develop a variety of learning modes and success in a safe environment. Our goal is to have students develop self-confidence and self-expression.

Visual Arts

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The Visual Arts department at Warren High School offers students a variety of beginning level art courses, with no prior experience required.

Students have the opportunity to grow as an artist by taking intermediate and advanced level courses, allowing them to develop a portfolio of work that can be applied toward college entry. Representatives from multiple art colleges visit our classes throughout the year, providing information on current majors and career pathways that they offer. 

Focus 1 – Art Design

9th: Art 1 or Drawing 1
10th: Art Design
11th: Advanced Art Design
12th: AP Studio Art

Focus 2 – Art

9th: Art 1/Art 2
10th: Intermediate Art
11th: Advanced Art
12th: AP Studio Art

Focus 3 – Drawing

9th: Drawing 1/Drawing 2
10th: Intermediate Drawing
11th: Advanced Drawing
12th: AP Studio Art

Focus 4 – Photography

9th: Photo 1/Photo 2
10th: Photo 3/Photo 4
11th: Commercial Photography
12th: Photo 5/Photo 6

Music Programs

The award winning Warren High Band and Color Guard provide an unique opportunity to excel in a culture of excellence. Each of the ensembles/classes offer students a safe, community-based environment to not only improve their musical skill and knowledge but, to also foster critical life skills such as dedication, teamwork, self-discipline, time management, responsibility with emphasis on the six pillars of character. 

The instrumental music department is committed to the ideology that band is the only subject that teaches the “entire” student. In band, every student belongs and is pushed to grow both musically and holistically.

Learn More About Our Music Programs

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The program covers multiple facets of theatre, from acting onstage to assisting backstage, from technical design to economic theory. Upon leaving our program, students will have the skills essential for their transition into professional, university or community theatre as a performer, creator, or viewer.

Extracurricular Productions

In addition to the classes offered, extracurricular productions are available after school by audition. No elective credits available for participation in these productions.

For up to date information about auditions or performances, visit

Classes offered:
Drama I – Introduction to Theatre
Drama II – Technical Theatre / Intermediate Theatre
Drama Production – Production Program


Warren’s Choir Department continues to establish a reputation for excellence at the local, regional, and national levels. Our young men and women have earned deserved accolades and awards based on hard work and commitment to excellence and love for music.

Membership in this organization carries many privileges: with these privileges come responsibilities and rewards.

Choir provides many performances opportunities in our community as well as the opportunity to travel. From classical to gospel to jazz to pop, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there is a place for you in Choir here at Warren High School.

Visit the choir website:

girl singing against a dark stage