Great news Lions.

We received a letter from the California Department of Education (CDE) with the following message:

On behalf of the California Department of Education (CDE), I congratulate you, your staff, and our school on being selected as a Model Continuation High School (MCHS) for 2022.

During the site review process, the review team found ample evidence of exemplary practices that were summarized in your school’s application.

I commend you for working to establish a nurturing and supportive environment that motivates each of your students to excel. This includes your effort to maintain your students’ connection to school and their important sense of belonging within the school learning community throughout the challenges posed by COVID-19. The innovative programs offered by your school demonstrate an enduring commitment to provide young people with the educational options and support they need to successfully complete high school, transition to higher education, and enter the workforce.

The MCHS Recognition Program is a joint project of the CDE and the California Continuation Education Association Plus, and it recognizes continuation high schools that offer exemplary educational opportunities for their students.

For further information regarding this distinction, visit: