Where Everybody Belongs

About Us

W.E.B., short for “Where Everybody Belongs,” is a remarkable team of 8th-grade Spartan student leaders dedicated to guiding incoming 6th graders on their exciting journey through middle school.

What We Do

We extend a warm welcome to all 6th graders at our summer orientation event. Here, students can connect with classmates, form new friendships, and begin to explore our campus. We check-in with our 6th grade students on an ongoing basis to ensure they are acclimating to middle school.

Our Monthly Highlights 

Join us for a series of engaging monthly activities that allow Spartan W.E.B. Leaders and 6th graders to foster strong connections, develop essential social skills, and, most importantly, have an absolute blast! Some of our upcoming events include:

  • School Dances
  • Lunch on the Lawn
  • Group Activities like Talent Shows, Movies, Crafts, Trivia, and Much More!

W.E.B. is your ticket to a fantastic middle school experience. Join us, make memories, and find your place WHERE EVERYONE BELONGS!

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