Student Clubs

All Stauffer students are encouraged to get involved and join a club! Students can sign up for clubs during Club Day during the first few weeks of school. Questions about clubs? See Ms. Greer, 6th grade counselor.

Board game club

Board Game Club

Do you love to play board games? Come and join the fun.

Advisor: Ms. Flores
When:  Wednesdays after school
Where:  Room 43

compass on campus

Compass on Campus

Learn how to make wise decisions in life through weekly leadership, character, and faith building lessons.

Advisor:  Dr. Bach
When:  Mondays at Lunch
Where:  Room 1

Cubing club

Cubing Club

Can you solve the cube?

Advisor: Mr. Tindoc
When:  Mondays at Lunch
Where:  Room 11

culture club

Culture Club

Learn about different world cultures.

Advisor: Ms. Frausto
When:  Every other Wednesday at Lunch
Where:  Room 31

cjsf and scholarship


For 8th Graders only.

Advisors: Ms. Liakopoulos, Mr. Zarate, Mrs. Saikali
When: Meets as needed.

femineer club

Femineer Club

Fun projects and support for young ladies interested in the STEM field.

Advisor: Mr. Donahue, Mr. Tindoc, Ms. Frausto
When: Meets as needed

Gamers Club

Gamers Club

Come make friends for you compete on your favorite games.

Advisor: Mr. Martin
When: Wednesdays at Lunch
Where:  Room 3

 Spartans Garden club

Spartans Garden Club

Do you love to plant things and watch them grow?

Advisor: Ms. Clark
When: Mondays after school
Where:  Room 26

Grace and gratitude

Grace & Gratitude Club

Advisor: Mrs. Willey, Mrs. Ferreira
When: Tuesdays at Lunch
Where:  Room 42
hacky sack club

Hacky Sack Club

Spartans can come out and “kick it” during this lunchtime get together.

Advisor: Mr. Donahue
When: Fridays at Lunch
Where: Field

lego club

Lego Club

Build anything you can imagine and make friends too!

Advisor: Mr. Del Rio, Mr. Nametz
When: Fridays at Lunch
Where: Room 32

Spartan running club

Running Club

This after school club focuses on staying active and fit. Members train for local 5K races by running on campus and in the neighborhood.

Advisor: Mr. Cortez, Ms. Vera
When: Thursdays After School
Where: In front of locker room

safe space

Safe Space Club

Advisors: Mrs. Eduad, Ms. Partin, Ms. Gallion
When: Fridays at Lunch
Where: Room 57

Sphero Club

Sphero Club

Fun coding robots, design-and-build kits, curriculum, and engaging lessons and activities encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance.

Advisors: Mr. Donahue
When: Thursdays at Lunch
Where: Room 15

Unified sports

Unified Sports Club

When: Wednesday and Friday at Lunch
Where: In front of the boys locker room

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