Student Clubs

All Stauffer students are encouraged to get involved and join a club! Students can sign up for clubs during Club Day during the first few weeks of school. Questions about clubs? See Ms. Greer, 6th grade counselor.

Chess Club

A place to learn the game of chess and compete with your friends.

Advisor:  Mr. Desalernos
When:  Thursday at Lunch
Where:  Room 78

Comic Book Club

Create your own action-packed, dramatic, or funny comic books and make new friends.

Advisor:  Mr. Kang
When:  Tuesday After School
Where:  Room 64

Compass on Campus

Learn how to make wise decisions in life through weekly leadership, character, and faith building lessons.

Advisor:  Mr. Bach
When:  Tuesday at Lunch
Where:  Room 1

Nintendo Switch Club

Play fun games with friends during lunch using Nintendo Switches.

Advisor:  Mr. Tansopalucks
When:  Tuesdays at Lunch
Where: Room 15

Hacky Sack Club

Spartans can come out and “kick it” during this lunchtime get together.

Advisor: Mr. Donahue
When: Thursday at Lunch
Where: Grassfield by basketball courts

Library Club

Help other students and teachers search for treasures on book shelves and become technology experts too.

Advisor:  Mrs. Desalernos
When:  Everyday (Before, after, and during breaks)
Where:  Library

Vex IQ

Want to build, design and code a robot from scratch? No prior experience needed! 

Advisor:  Mr. Donahue/Mr. T
When:  Tuesday at Lunch
Where:  Room 15

Running Club

This after school club focuses on staying active and fit. Members train for local 5K races by running on campus and in the neighborhood.

Advisor:  Mr. Cortez
When:  Tuesday After School (2:45 pm – 3:45 pm)
Where:  Locker Room

Spartacular Club

Have lunch, play games, and hang out with other students.

Advisor:  Mr. Nametz/Mr. Venegas
When:  Wednesday at Lunch
Where:  Room 80

Creative Crafting Club

Unleash your creative spirit with paper-mache, painting with watercolors, bead work, and much more.

Advisor: Mrs. Korduner
When: Sept. 12 at 2:30 pm (Schedule set that day)
Where: Room 48

Yoga Club

You are invited to join us for a 30 minute morning sun salutation and meditation session.

Advisor: Mrs. Goldsmith
When: Tue/Thur at 7:00 am
Where: Room 42

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