With summer right around the corner, students are looking forward to time for rest and relaxation after months of working hard in class. While it’s important for you to have some downtime during your summer break, it’s also important that you don’t spend too much time watching television or on your phones.

Below are ways you can enjoy your summer while also being productive and working toward goals.

Stay Active

Getting up and getting the body moving is highly beneficial for your physical and mental health. According to the CDC, teens who take part in regular physical activity can improve their cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, better control their weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing a variety of health conditions (including heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity).

Clean Your Room

The summer is a good time for you to declutter your room and gain more organization skills while doing so. While cleaning and organizing might not be your favorite activity, having a tidy room not only helps cut down time spent searching for lost items or clothes, it also helps you learn structure and prioritization. Staying organized is a skill that will benefit you in college and in everyday life!

Set a Reading Goal

Reading during the summer is an engaging and important activity that will help you both in and outside the school setting. Escaping into the worlds of different books allows you to discover the joy of stories. Set a goal of  how many books you want to read over the summer and work toward meeting that goal.

Also, picking up a book while on vacation is a great way for you to enjoy some relaxation while stimulating the mind at the same time. You will find that the more you rely on books, the less you may rely on your phone or  computer to provide you with entertainment.

Spend Time with Friends + Family

Fostering relationships with others is critical for individuals of all ages, especially during your teenage years. Rather than playing games on your phone or computer, or spending time on social media, try making more time for your friends and plan activities that will allow you to spend time with your family members as well. Studies have shown that if you spend more time with your loved ones, you are more likely to experience reduced levels of stress and anxiety, lead a healthier lifestyle, and lengthen your lifespan.

Put Your Writing Skills to Practice

Similar to reading, writing also allows you to remain sharp over the summer and keep sparking your creativity on a regular basis. Whether you decide to take up journaling or make your own unique stories, if you continue to practice your writing skills during summer break, you will be more prepared when you return to school in the fall. It will also benefit you beyond the classroom as quality writing abilities are needed in many professions that you may encounter in the future.

Downey Unified School District is proud of all of our students for a wonderful school year and encourages you to enjoy your time off while also finding ways to make positive progress this summer.