To be eligible to enter a four-year public college (either the California State University or University of California systems), students must meet a series of course requirements called A through G (A-G). Students must take and pass the A-G course requirements – that is 15 specific high school courses with a grade of C or better.

“A” History/Social Science – 2 years

“B” English – 4 years

“C” Mathematics – 3 years (4 years recommended)

“D” Lab science – 2 years (3 years recommended)

“E” Language other than English – 2 years of the same language (3 years recommended)

“F” Visual and Performing Arts – 1 year

“G” College-preparatory elective – 1 year


Student must earn at least a minimum GPA in all “a-g” or college-preparatory courses to APPLY to the UCs and Cal States (does not guarantee admission).

Cal State Universities: 2.0 GPA

UC’s: 3.0 GPA