Lash Stevenson

Lash Stevenson grew up in Downey and graduated Downey High School in 1957. Along the way, he developed a love for cutting hair and football. The McCaughan brothers influenced Lash to start his own haircutting business in the seventh grade. Lash and his friends also played football throughout their school years. In Lash’s senior year, Coach Dick Hill led the Downey High Viking football team in the “Dream Season of 1956,” culminating in the largest high school football game played in California history against Anaheim. After graduation, Lash joined the Navy, served his country, and enrolled in San Diego State University.  In 1968, he married Rosemary and had two sons, Brett and Casey. In 1976, he started his own business, “A Haircutting Experience” in San Mateo, where he and his family still live. Because of his wonderful experience at Downey High, in 1985 Lash organized the first of many “Viking Sports Reunion” get-togethers that occur almost each year. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first sports reunion, with many more to come.