Visual & Performing Arts

Our electives are designed to ignite passion, inspire expression, and cultivate the artistic spirit within every student. At the heart of our program is a commitment to fostering a diverse range of talents, whether it’s through captivating visual arts projects, mesmerizing musical performances, or compelling theatrical productions.

We believe in providing a dynamic and inclusive space where students can explore, discover, and refine their artistic abilities while building essential skills that extend beyond the studio and stage. Join us on a journey where imagination takes center stage, and each student’s unique artistic voice is celebrated and nurtured.

Visual Arts

Visual Art Program

The Art Program at Doty Middle School offers courses in art, photography, and yearbook.  Students showcase their talents at performances throughout the year. Students explore and learn about the many different artists and genres of art. A variety of media are used to produce creative artworks. Students also learn the elements and principles of art, how to create a good composition, and how to critically read images.

Commercial Digital Photography with Photo Editing

Digital Photography is a class designed for students who love to express themselves through the visual arts. Students learn about the basics on how a camera works, aperture, depth of field, shutter speeds, and exposure. Creativity is used to develop their skills in lighting, image editing, and producing a pleasing composition.

Performing Arts: Drama

Drama production
The Drama Program at Doty Middle School offers courses in various levels of interest and expertise, from beginner to advanced. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at performances throughout the year. Students are introduced to drama terms, improvisation, character development, experiences in various genres of speech writing, theater history, and exposure to careers in theater-related fields.

Music Program

Students who choose a music class for their elective join a tradition of excellence at Doty MS. We are the music makers. The award-winning music program at Doty Middle School offers three different levels of Band classes and one class of Chorus. Our students have gone to represent our school at several festivals and competitions in the Southern California area. They are also heard performing in pep rallies and at our Winter and Spring Concerts.

Band students performing

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