In February, we celebrate all things to do with the heart, from Valentine’s Day to American Heart Month. American Heart Month encourages us to think about our cardiovascular well-being and to make healthier choices.

We’ve collected some facts and recommendations for keeping kids heart-healthy, along with some additional resources for recipes and activities.

Heart Health Facts & Recommendations

  • A high-fat diet can cause heart disease.
  • The American Heart Association recommends children between two and three only intake fat in 30 to 35% of their calories. Children between four and 18 should only intake fat in 25 to 35% of their calories.
  • Strive to gain most fats from healthier options such as fish, nuts, or vegetable oils.
  • Be mindful of your child’s intake of saturated fats such as butter, cheese and fattier meats.
  • Limit your child’s intake of trans fats, including deep-fried and processed food.