As we begin the new school year, you may notice that we have a new type of pizza in our lunch rooms, and it’s supplied by Pizza Hut!

You may also notice that the pizza tastes a little different than what you’ve come to expect from Pizza Hut. While, yes, it really is Pizza Hut pizza, the pizza maker provides schools with a slightly different pizza recipe designed for students.

It’s the same pizza you love, but with a healthier twist that meets the National School Lunch Program standards and keeps you energized and ready to learn in your post-lunch classes.

Pizza Hut’s school pizzas have crusts made with 51% white whole what flour, providing students with 18 grams of whole grains and 3 grams of fiber per serving, plus iron. To cut down on sodium and fat, lite cheese and pepperoni are used (don’t worry, they’re still tasty!). And you’ll recognize Pizza Hut’s signature sauce in every bite, the same as its classic pizzas.

Time to grab a slice!