Written by: Amy Flores (9th grade) & Natalee Paez (12th grade)

FIRST Robotics pre-rookie team 9408 Warbots, has attended their first ever FIRST robotics competition against teams that have been playing for years. 

Last year, the Warbots switched from VEX robotics to FIRST. 9408 Warbots, formally known as 90241, have won multiple awards during their time in VEX. This includes being a California state finalist in the VEX program, which secured their spot at VEX Worlds in Dallas, Texas last year. The team changed from VEX to FIRST in the hopes of moving on to greater things. 

On October 8, 2023, the Warbots ranked first out of about 33 other teams at the first annual Socal Showdown, for this season’s game, Charged Up. The team spent weeks preparing their robot and themselves for their first FIRST competition.

Team 9408 had the first pick of alliance and partner at the competition. They allianced with team 696, then 7042, and finally 1452.

“Everyone on the team has been working their hardest for months now and it was amazing to see the robot out on the field for the first time not just working, but winning matches.“ says the team strategy and business operations lead, Natalee Paez. “I felt so proud of everyone’s hard work before we had even walked through the doors. I knew that everyone was nervous but excited so there was a unique energy in all of us.” said Amy Flores Lead Scout of 9408 Warbots.

With the support of parents, mentors, sponsors, and coach Aaron Tostado team 9408 will hopefully have a successful upcoming season in next year’s game: Crescendo. We aim to continue innovating, engaging, and inspiring interest in STEM by building skills in technology and creating life-changing experiences.