Warren students and staff must have a visible school issued ID card showing when entering campus and worn throughout the school day when on campus. This is a safety measure that we are taking to ensure that only authorized Warren High School students and staff members are on campus during school hours. Staff will be checking student IDs upon entering campus and will be enforcing that students wear them around necks throughout the day.

All students have been given Warren branded lanyards and ID card holders. Students have the option to use a different lanyard, however, they must have their ID card visible at all times and their personal lanyard must adhere to our Dress Code policy. Students who use personal lanyards must have a “breakaway style clip” on the neck.

If your student lost their ID card, they must get a replacement ID card in the Deans Office before school, after school, during snack or lunch. Replacement cost is now $5. If you paid $10 for your ID card replacement this year, our ASB banker will issue you a refund of $5 soon (checks currently being processed).

We appreciate you partnering with us to ensure that our campus is secure and safe.
If you have questions, please contact the main office at 562-869-7306. Thank you.