George A. Zambrano

Born April 21, 1941 in Guadalajara, Mexico, moved to Los Angeles in 1943 then to Downey in 1951.

In 1956, George was elected the first Student Body President of Warren High School. He held a number of student body offices and played football and track. George was part of the first graduating class of 1959.

George served in the Army in Germany and discharged in 1963. He found employment with The Los Angeles Times as a janitor in the Production Composing Room. In time, he became a journey-man printer. He held various positions of supervision while attending Mt. SAC College earning his AA, then a BA at Cal Poly Pomona.

Upon graduation, he became an Employee Representative in Human Resources. He was promoted to Director of L.A. Times Production Operations in 1987, responsible for 3,500 employees.

By 1990 the Company was headed in a different direction; their massive downsizings led to me becoming Night Director of Operations, eventually returning to the Composing Room. George retired in 1996, at age 55.