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cerritos complete

Cerritos Complete

A California College Promise Program

Attend Your First Two Years of College for Free

The Cerritos Complete program offers free tuition, priority enrollment and support services for all Columbus students. In addition, the program assists Columbus seniors with a smooth college transition. Students explore their college and career options while saving money and still graduating on time. Students in the program can start their careers with one of Cerrito’s career tech programs or an AA degree, or students can use the program to transfer to a four-year school. If the right requirements are met, Cerritos students are guaranteed transfers to participating schools in the CSU and UC system.

PowerPoint Introduction to Cerritos Complete

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Programs of Study at Cerritos

Help with Financial Aid for Cerritos College

FAFSA or California Dream Act Information Sessions

Cerritos Complete Site-Bridging Liaison

  • Workshops and presentations about community college topics
  • Matriculation
  • 1:1 assistance with college and FAFSA applications
  • Dual enrollment
  • Assistance with completion of Cerritos Complete (2 years free tuition) steps


Santos Nuñez
Cerritos College Site Bridge Liaison
Available on campus Mondays: 8:30 am – 12:00 noon
(562) 379-9694