The Warren High School Science Department knows the role of science is paramount in developing global citizenship among our students. Creating relevant and rigorous course offerings, while making science accessible to all students, encourages students to explore exciting post-secondary options and prepares them for participating effectively as community members and in democratic processes as they enter adulthood. Additionally, the schoolwide focus of critical thinking is inherently embedded in our science curriculum, as students are expected to argue using evidence and make connections to the scientific content they are learning.
In addition to our comprehensive traditional science disciplines, which are provided with differentiation to meet the needs of all students, the Warren High School Science Department presents several Advanced Placement courses to prepare students for collegiate science courses and the Biomedical Sciences Pathway, so that students have access to a variety of applications and careers that stem from a focus on life sciences. Using the spiraling and interconnected nature of the Next Generation Science Standards and California Science Frameworks, students build an understanding of the world in which they live through problem-solving and the exploration of real-world phenomena, all the while practicing literacy and mathematic skills to contribute to a well-rounded education.