Technology Enhanced Learning

Shine Bright and Light the Way!

At Unsworth Elementary School, our students are invested digital citizens who work in partnerships, small groups, cross-grade level buddies, and flexible learning environments. Using a variety of applications and technological tools, students gain a voice to share their thinking and demonstrate their knowledge proficiently to teachers and peers.

By developing an environment that supports the whole child, creating STEM partnerships with our secondary schools, and integrating more technology into the classrooms, we ignite students’ curiosity, motivation and innovation. Our students are so eager to learn that we have maintained a 95% daily attendance rate over the last five years!


95% average daily attendance for the past five years.

– LCAP Survey

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Inspire Learners

Our school family is united in our commitment to engaging our students in their quest to become innovative 21st Century learners so they can make a significant impact. With an intentional focus on critical thinking and creativity, students take ownership of their learning across all curricular areas.

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Foster Communicators

At Unsworth, we know that building relationships equates to a safe place to learn and take risks. All community partners’ voices are heard and valued.

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Develop Leaders

Student leaders leverage technology to build relationships, facilitate peer conflict resolution, and explore the arts. Student reflection is an instrumental guide in their on-going leadership and success.


1:1 iPad Program

21st Century learning

21st Century Learning

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Tech Squad

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Innovation Lab

Apple Distinguished School

100% Apple Teacher Recognized

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An Apple Distinguished School

Unsworth was selected as an Apple Distinguished School for its unique and innovative implementation of Apple technologies that foster tech-rich environments that ultimately enhance students’ learning opportunities. Only 31 schools in California have been selected for this distinguished award. Learn more about the award.

“We believe in providing robust opportunities for our students to think deeply and creatively, allowing them to have voice and choice while utilizing an iPad as a tool for learning across all content areas. We are committed to providing a learning environment where our students are engaged, challenged and are on a continuous path toward innovation. ”

– Jennifer Robbins, Director of Elementary Education 

Innovation Lab

Unsworth’s Innovation Lab is a place where creativity is powered by technology. The purpose of our Innovation Lab is to provide a space where students can create, explore, investigate, and build. These spaces have been designed to spark curiosity and inspire our students to engage in learning opportunities built around STEAM. Regular lab visits help students further develop 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Learning opportunities in our Innovation Labs include robotics, coding, computer programming, engineering design, Lego-design wall activities, broadcasting, creating music, and engineering and design utilizing 3D printing. Students are involved in inquiry and problem-solving based on relevant and engaging topics. Our fun and colorful Innovation Lab is a place to think outside the box and give our students voice and choice and enhance their learning!

Ready to Get Started?

Forging Responsible & Aware Digital Citizens

We cannot properly prep our students for the future without lessons in digital citizenship. It is vital in the world we live in today. At Downey Unified, we teach our students how their words online have real-world effects and the permanence of their digital footprint, along with key online safety skills.

Be a Good Citizen

  • Be safe on and offline
  • Help protect “safe spaces”
  • Posts must be directly related to course
  • Only participate in meetings/chat rooms related to your classes and set up by your teachers

Be Trustworthy

  • Be honest
  • Use school appropriate and scholarly language
  • Use the chat feature to post questions/respond

Be Responsible

  • Prioritize time appropriately
  • Own your words and actions
  • Treat your device/equipment with care

Be Fair

  • Be inclusive
  • Allow others to share their views

Be Respectful

  • Think before you post, speak or act
  • Act and speak as if you were talking to your teacher or peer face to face
  • Respect classmates and teachers

Be Caring

  • Be patient with each other
  • Help those in need
  • Ask for help when needed