Our School

Meet Our Principal

Image of Principal Mrs. Ramirez

Mr. David Cid

“Welcome to Rio San Gabriel Elementary School. I am Mr. David Cid and am honored to be the Principal at Rio San Gabriel Elementary School. A top priority for me is to continue to provide parents with on-going communication and feedback. This helps promote parent partnerships that enhance academic programs and the all-around success of our students.

Throughout the year, I will be scheduling several Coffees with the Principal and Parent Ed Academies in an effort to further this positive communication and informative time with you. We have a tremendous team of teachers and staff that are committed to ensuring the success of our students. With hard work, dedication, and a collaborative approach between home and school, we believe our students will achieve a high level of learning.

Please reach out if there is anything you need and while I am out and about before and after school, stop by and say hi. A great year is ahead and we watch with anticipation ALL of the students who will be positively impacted. In the Downey Unified District, we believe that “Our Kids Deserve the Best!” and we truly believe that. This is our compass that guides us in all that we do!”

Fun Facts:

  • Mr. Cid is a sports fanatic and loves basketball, baseball, and football. His office is decorated with his favorite teams.
  • He loves to travel all over the world and his favorite vacations are on cruise ships.
  • Mr. Cid met Shaquille O’Neil and worked for his charity foundation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to see students reach their fullest potential. We believe all children can and will learn. We maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence. We will create a supportive school environment where all are welcomed, respected, and trusted. We will foster a positive school culture.

Nuestra Misión

Nuestra misión es ver a los estudiantes alcanzar su máximo potencial. Creemos que todos los niños pueden y aprenderán. Mantenemos altas expectativas y promovemos la excelencia académica. Crearemos un ambiente escolar de apoyo donde todos sean bienvenidos, respetados y confiables. Fomentaremos una cultura escolar positiva.

group of kids wearing orange

Our Vision

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Students will receive standards-based instruction
  • All students will reach Proficient or Advanced on the California Standards Test
  • Students will be provided differentiated instruction
  • Student needs will be met through frequent monitoring of progress and use of flexible groupings
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC) will be established and maintained at each grade level
  • Response to Intervention Model (RtI) will be implemented as needed
  • Instructional time is valued and protected
  • Research-based strategies/materials will be utilized

Character Education

  • All staff will promote and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment
  • The district-adopted CHARACTER COUNTS! program will be implemented
  • Parent involvement will be welcomed and encouraged
  • Diversity is accepted and appreciated

Tools to reach highest potential

  • All staff will ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students
  • All staff will be highly qualified
  • Incentive programs will be in place to recognize students’ strengths and achievements
  • Schoolwide behavior management plans will be established and maintained
  • Allocation of school funds will be aligned to mission and vision statements
  • Parent education will be provided to support ongoing classroom instruction
  • Stakeholders’ (SSC, ELAC, PTA, staff, community) input will be encouraged and valued

Nuestra visión

Currículo e Instrucciones

  • Los Estudiantes recibirán instruciones básicas
  • Todos los estudiantes alcanzarán los niveles Competentes o Avanzados en los exámenes estatales de California
  • Se les proveerá a los Estudiantes diferentes instrucciones
  • Las necesidades de los Estudiantes serán monitoriadas frecuentemente a travéz del progreso y uso de grupos flexibles
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC) será establecido y mantenido al nivel de cada grado
  • Response to Intervention Model (RTI) será implementado cuando sea necesario
  • El tiempo de Instrucción es estimado y protegido
  • Estratégias básica de Investigación/ se utilizarán materiales

Carácter Educativo 

  • Todo el personal promovera y mantendra un ambiente comprensivo y positivo para el estudiante
  • El distrito adopto el programa CHARACTER COUNTS! Que sera implementado
  • La participación de padres sera bienvenida y fomentada
  • Diversidad es aceptada y apreciada

Herramientas para alcanzar un potencial mas alto

  • Todo el personal asegurará la seguridad fisica y emocional del estudiante
  • El Personal sera altamente calificado
  • Programas de incentivo seran utilizados para reconocer las fortalezas y logros del estudiante
  • Planes de manejo de comportamiento seran establecidos y mantenidos en todo e plantel escolar
  • Distribución de fondos de la escuela seran administrados para el uso de la misión y visión de  la escuela
  • Sera proveido Educación de Padres para dar apoyo a las instrucciones proporcionadas en el salon de clases
  • Grupos interesados (SSC, ELAC, PTA, personal, comunidad) su contribucióin sera fomentada y valorada