Our School

Meet Our Principal

David Cid is a fun principal, photo of him covered in sticky notes

Mr. David Cid

Welcome to Gallatin Elementary School. I am Mr. David Cid and am honored to be the Principal! A top priority for me is to continue to provide parents with on-going communication and feedback. This helps promote parent partnerships that enhance academic programs and the all-around success of our students.

We have a tremendous team of teachers and staff that are committed to ensuring the success of our students. With hard work, dedication, and a collaborative approach between home and school, we believe our students will achieve a high level of learning.

Please reach out if there is anything you need and while I am out and about before and after school, stop by and say hi. A great year is ahead and we watch with anticipation ALL of the students who will be positively impacted. In the Downey Unified District, we believe that “Our Kids Deserve the Best!” and we truly believe that. This is our compass that guides us in all that we do!

Fun Facts:

  • Mr. Cid is a sports fanatic and loves basketball, baseball, and football. His office is decorated with his favorite teams.
  • He loves to travel all over the world and his favorite vacations are on cruise ships.
  • Mr. Cid met Shaquille O’Neil and worked for his charity foundation.

Our Mission

The mission of Gallatin Elementary School is to provide an academically challenging education in a caring and safe environment. Through our partnerships with staff, parents, students, and the community, we are committed to maintaining a positive school climate that maximizes the academic achievement, character development, and physical well-being of all students.

We will accomplish this through our standards-based educational program that emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For all students, we are committed to providing equal access to the core curriculum, meet their diverse needs, and develop within all a responsibility for learning and behavior that supports their personal development.

Photo of kids playing with robots

Our Vision

All Gallatin Students acquire 21st-century skills to ensure that they are college and career-ready, globally competitive, and citizens of strong character. Students achieve their maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring, challenging, and innovative environment that fosters a love for learning.