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A 4th-8th Grade Experience

A Seamless Academic Journey

Stauffer Academy offers students a unique experience, bridging elementary and middle school making it easier for students to enter the next stage of their academic journey.

Starting at Old River Elementary School, our 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to utilize resources from their nextdoor neighbor, Stauffer Middle School. While still enjoying their own campus and playground, Old River students get an early idea of middle school life by utilizing Stauffer’s resources.

Through Stauffer Academy, students get the best of both worlds as they close-out their elementary school years and prepare for the exciting times ahead in middle school and beyond.

How does your student benefit?

gradual transition

A more gradual transition

With the help of middle school mentors, students feel more at ease as they make their way through their Stauffer Academy journey.


Access to more resources

Stauffer Academy’s 4th and 5th-grade students have early access to advanced programs, a culinary arts kitchen, and a newly remodeled library.


Opportunities to take advanced classes

We offer special classes taught by middle school teachers and tailored specifically for elementary students.

looking ahead

A look ahead

Students have the ability to test out CTE pathways and explore their interests before middle school.

Old River Elementary

Elementary students holding technology skills signs

Stauffer Middle School

Spartan Design middle school robotics team

Pick Your Passion

Stauffer Academy gives 4th and 5th-grade students a chance to get their feet wet and explore the Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways offered in Downey Unified middle schools and high schools. Students are given elementary-appropriate lessons in culinary arts, animation, engineering, and video production. Which pathways will spark their interest? With this sneak peek, students have more opportunities to try different paths and learn what they’re passionate about.

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