Imperial’s Dual Language Program (TK – 1st Grade)

Downey Unified’s G.L.A.D. dual language immersion program is now available at Imperial Elementary School. Imperial’s Dual-Immersion Program’s goals are to promote bilingualism and bi-literacy, academic achievement, and multi-cultural competence for all students. Our program teaches children to communicate naturally in two different languages with the goal to become literate in both English and Spanish.  Throughout the program, students will learn how to speak, read, and write in the new language while growing their knowledge of their first language.

GLAD at Imperial

How It Works

Our Dual-Language Immersion Program is a 90/10 model where beginning Kindergarteners receive 90% of instruction in Spanish and 10% of instruction in English. The percentage of instruction in English increases in each subsequent grade until reaching a 50/50 model in 4th grade. Students from both language groups attend class together, learn from each other and receive academic instruction in both languages.   

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The rigorous curriculum we use in our dual language program focuses on common core standards. While we work on second-language acquisition, our main priority is on our students’ high academic achievement.

Instructional Approach

  • CGI Math
  • Balanced Literacy
    • Read Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Reading
    • Phonics

Program Goals

Holistic Education

High Academic Achievement

Throughout the program, one of our main focuses continues to be an academic success. Students will meet or exceed grade-level Rigorous standards in both English and the target language, which is Spanish.

Higher Reasoning

Bilingualism & Biliteracy

Our goal is for our students to become balanced bilinguals. They will be able to speak fluently and read and write proficiently in two languages.

Respect For Cultures

Sociocultural Competence

Students learn and appreciate cultures other than their own and learn and appreciate the culture of the target language by our Diversity Units of Study.

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