The Thanksgiving holiday always brings into perspective the importance of telling those around us how grateful we are for them. Earlier this year, we received feedback from a former student that made us exceptionally grateful for our team and how they care for our students. It may not be readily apparent how much of a difference our team can make in the lives of students, but we saw it firsthand through this call (transcript below) received by DUSD’s Human Resources department:

Caller: I would like to report the lunch lady.

DUSD: Please tell us everything that happened.

Caller: She changed my life!

DUSD: I would like to hear about it.

Caller: There was a lunch lady at my high school. Every time I saw her, she’d say, “Hello. How are you today?” She was kind. She was friendly. She always had a smile on her face. She knew my favorite meal. She knew when I was not feeling like myself… I was in a dark place; she helped me find the light with her kindness. I just want someone to know that she is special. She changed my life. Could you let her know that? I never got to tell her.

DUSD: Yes, I will let her know. Thank you for calling. Take care of yourself.

While this staff member who made a difference would like to remain anonymous, we are so grateful for her and to all of our team members for choosing to take an interest in our students’ lives. We hope this inspires all DUSD staff members and anyone reading this to practice kindness because you never know what is happening in other’s lives and how it can make a difference for them.

We also want to thank our students for their own kind acts towards our team. We received this lovely thank you note from a student this past May and were touched by its contents.

Dear Lunch Staff of Griffiths Middle School,

I know how hard you work and would like you all to know how much I appreciate it. It can not be easy having to deal with a bunch of us teenagers every day.

You do so much for the staff and students under lots of pressure. I don’t know how you do it. I have been at Griffiths for 2 years and have never seen you guys fail to do your jobs, even when the cafeteria is packed with loads of chaotic students.

I hope next year’s students don’t cause too much trouble and treat you with the same kindness and respect you’ve shown us.

Julian Gutierrez

We hope all of our students and team members had a lovely Thanksgiving break and look forward to us all spreading more kindness as we continue the year.