Where Everybody Belongs

Where Everybody Belongs – WEB is a selected team of 8th-grade students who mentor all incoming 6th graders in order to help them feel welcomed and confident as they begin their new journey in middle school.  

WEB welcomes all 6th graders to our summer orientation where students can meet other classmates, build new friendships, and start to get familiar with the campus. WEB has monthly activities for WEB Leaders and 6th graders to build positive relationships and social skills, connect with one another and, above all, have fun!

Events and activities organized by WEB include:

  • Back to School Dance

  • Lunch on the Lawn Game Day

  • Learn to play fun board games and spoons

  • Friendsgiving

  • Group activities such as gingerbread house building, egg drop challenges and MORE!

Social Studies students dressed as Roman soldiers

Griffiths Middle School WEB students

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