The month of November often reminds individuals of the importance of expressing gratitude for the blessings they have in their lives—which include blessings that could be in the form of people. While saying one is “thankful” for another person can touch one’s heart, showing that appreciation in other ways can have even more lasting impacts.

There are a variety of actions that display gratitude that our students can take to show parents/guardians, siblings, extended family members, teachers, administrators, coaches, friends and other influential figures in their lives that they are thankful for them.

National Gratitude Month

Cards + Notes

Writing thoughtful notes for others is a meaningful way to express appreciation. Cards and notes also allow the recipient to have lasting keepsakes they can read again at later points in time when they need a bit of extra encouragement or a “pick me up.”

Acts of Service

Sometimes actions truly do speak much more loudly than words. Doing kind things for others—such as holding and opening doors, loading or unloading the dishwasher, making and delivering meals or treats, and taking out the trash without asking—can show gratitude in a way that words often cannot. These actions communicate to the people in your life that you genuinely care about and value them.

Creative Expression

Artistic creations—songs, poems, drawings, crafts, etc.—are tangible expressions of thanks that can be kept forever. Such activities allow a person to say what they mean in unique ways and also provide the individuals who receive them sweet reminders because they know it was created from the heart. 

Gift Giving

For some people, gifts are the keys to their heart. However, many individuals (especially students) are likely on a budget, so it’s important to remember that gifts don’t always need to be purchased. Many homemade gifts are just as meaningful, if not more so, because of the obvious time and effort that goes into making them.

Spending Time with People

The gift of time is often one of the most precious things a person can offer another. One can express gratitude for the people in their lives by making concentrated efforts to spend quality time with them regularly. Doing so communicates to the other individuals that they are valued and appreciated, which could cause them to be equally as grateful in return.

Participating in Community Events

Students can also show their thankfulness for thier community by taking part in local service projects and activities. Downey Unified School District students have various opportunities available to them, including the many volunteer opportunities at your school or even the upcoming Keep Downey Beautiful Monthly Litter Cleanups.

Whatever ways students choose to express their appreciation for the people in their lives and throughout the community, the important thing to remember is that, though November highlights reasons for people to be thankful, gratitude should be something practiced year-round.