Advantages of STEAM Education 

Students who focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) in their educational pathways are able to experience tremendous growth and benefits not only in their schoolwork, but in their extracurricular activities and overall lifestyles as well. Because students are able to apply their knowledge through explorative, investigative, and creative means, they often develop more critical approaches to thinking and learning. They do not just read text and write answers. They engage in hands-on activities that captivate their interests. This, in turn, creates an eagerness that was not necessarily present prior to their new experiences. 

Students in STEAM programs also improve their technological abilities. Although technology is prevalent in daily life, a study conducted by revealed that 75 percent of fifth and eighth graders are considered non-proficient in 21st century digital literacy skills. However, STEAM education incorporates elements of technology, computer programming, and engineering into classwork and projects. This allows them to develop these practical real-world skills. 

Students in STEAM programs also benefit from more customized learning experiences. They learn to advocate for themselves, vocalize their interests, work at their own pace, and take part in custom-developed learning plans that play to their strengths. 

Appreciation for the Arts  

Oftentimes, academic programs fall short in encouraging students to explore their creativity. With STEAM education, students have the opportunity to develop deeper appreciation for the arts. They may pursue interests that allow them to experience a more exciting approach to learning. 

STEAM in Downey Unified 

DUSD is committed to providing a well-rounded education that incorporates STEAM activities. Currently, all our TK through 12th grade students, have access to a variety of age-appropriate, project-based activities in robotics. Students can design, build, and program robots. Not only do they learn basic engineering concepts, they also gain essential skills in teamwork, perseverance, communication, collaboration, project management. and critical thinking. These will all help them in everyday life. 

There are many ways that STEAM is tied into daily education in Downey Unified. You can always take a look at our Technology page to learn more about how it is incorporated at our school! 

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