A Message from Dr. Quintero

For the month of February, I thought it would be fitting to share some of the reasons why I love Sussman Middle School.

Our school thrives as a dynamic community, enriched by the unwavering dedication of our staff and the continuous growth of our students. This was strikingly evident in December when our students took their 2nd iReady math and reading diagnostic. The results were nothing short of remarkable – Sussman students demonstrated the
most growth in both subjects across the middle schools (and the elementary schools).

This academic year has been especially thrilling as we’ve broadened our elective offerings. For the first time, students at Sussman don’t have to limit their ambitions or interests. From leadership and engineering to art, band, and AVID, the options are diverse and expanding. We’ve introduced exciting new electives like Food Science, Pioneer Pals, 6th Grade AVID, photography, Introduction to Law & Mock Trial, and
American Sign Language. Moreover, we’ve added more sections to our Engineering courses, reflecting our commitment to adapt and grow with our students’ interests.

Above all, the heart of Sussman Middle School beats because of our students. Their unique qualities and perspectives enrich our campus life, making every day a new adventure. They are the reason we strive to do better, to be better. GO PIONEERS!

Character Corner with ASB President, Kaylie Castillejos

Why I LOVE Sussman: Here at Sussman we have amazing teachers, administrators, and staff, who are very supportive and encouraging to all students. We also have great programs, classes, and activities that help us prepare for our futures beyond Sussman. We show our appreciation for SMS through many events and activities like Character Counts Week and Pep Rallies.


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