Griffiths Middle School recently completed a series of informational sessions concerning the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. Held throughout February and early March, AVID Coordinator Sarah Karout and Griffiths Vice Principal Jason visited Price, Gallatin, Unsworth, and Rio Hondo Elementary Schools to present to incoming 6th graders.

The presentations provided an overview of the AVID program, an academic elective designed to prepare students for academic success in middle and high school. The program focuses on developing WICOR strategies, which encompass Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading skills. Students enrolled in AVID participate in small group tutorials with district-trained college tutors who offer support with specific content areas.

The informational sessions aimed to introduce the AVID program to incoming 6th graders and allow them to determine if it aligns with their academic goals. Flyers with QR codes for online applications were distributed at each elementary school so interested students could sign up for the program. Additionally, students were informed about the option to create a Flip interview video expressing their interest in the program.

This initiative demonstrates Griffiths Middle School’s commitment to providing incoming students with a comprehensive understanding of the AVID program and the opportunity to participate if they choose.