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There are so many benefits to today’s students becoming bilingual, from competitive advantages in the future to strengthening their ability to learn. Here are a few benefits your child gains from learning a second language:

Enhanced Problem Solving Skills

As students learn a new language, they must work out the meaning of words and their context. Thinking through the meaning of new words and phrases grows their problem-solving and critical thinking skills — skills that will help them in other academic subjects and in their professional lives.

Improved Verbal and Spatial Abilities

By learning a second language, students learn more ways to communicate and interact with the world around them. Having a unique view of the world will benefit students as today’s culture places more value on diversity.

reading in spanish

Improved Memory Function
Studying a new language will strengthen your child’s memory as they learn a new vocabulary, pronunciations and grammar rules. Practicing memorization skills will also help your child understand what strategies work best for them (flashcards, note-taking, etc.) to set them up for success as their studies grow more serious in middle school, high school and college.

Enhanced Creative Thinking Capacity
Learning a second language opens a person up to new concepts, cultures and different ways of thought, leading to inspiration and creativity.