Where Everybody Belongs

Since 2014, WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) has existed to embrace the social-emotional needs of our new students as they begin their Doty Middle School experience. 

Our WEB program trains approximately 100 8th graders to mentor small groups of 6th graders throughout the year. WEB pairs 6th graders with 8th-grade mentors, and the organization is an integral part of the 6th-grade orientation. Additionally, our WEB Leaders build and facilitate lasting connections among students through activities like small group challenges and large after-school mixers. 

Some of the activities that are offered are the following:

  • Welcome to Doty Dance
  • WEBsgiving
  • Wacky WEB Wednesdays
  • Fall Festival Party
  • Winter WEBerland Party
  • WEB Carnival Party
  • Character Counts! lessons taught by WEB Leaders in 6th-grade classes
Social Studies students dressed as Roman soldiers

WEB students welcome 6th-graders

WEB Coordinators

Natalia Agranowitz & Gabriella Mendoza

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