The Woodruff Academy

The Woodruff Academy

Woodruff Academy School (WAS) is a community day school designed to meet the whole child needs of students in grades 7 – 10 who are having difficulties with maladaptive behavior, socio-emotional challenges, grades, attendance, or breached the Downey Unified School District Code of Conduct. In a supportive and nurturing environment, students will work on personal and academic growth.  

WAS was established in April of 2017. The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s) that Woodruff Academy School expects students to achieve are:

•       Interpret information and draw conclusions based on the best analysis to make informed decisions.

•       Contribute to the global and local community as culturally aware citizens and leaders.

•       Communicate information and ideas effectively and responsibly to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.

•       Use existing and emerging technology to investigate, research, and produce products and services, including new information.

•       Develop a strong sense of self-efficacy so that students can work with peers to promote creative perspectives, provide effective leadership, positively impact group dynamics, and provide critical team

          and individual decision-making.

Please Click on the Link Below to View a Video Created by the Woodruff Academy Students & Teachers: