The CHS Seal

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The Columbus High School Seal was created by an art student named Jesse in the early 1990’s.  The art teacher, Mrs. Wilcox, was leading her class in a discussion on how to design a business logo.  The class discussed the need for a logo to accurately represent what a company is all about. The discussion turned to what a logo for Columbus High School might look like.  Students began to share what images or icons would best depict Columbus High School.  They all agreed that the Columbus ships would represent the voyage that students embark upon when they leave Downey or Warren to come to Columbus.  Another student said the waters should be rough representing the difficulties that brought them to the Columbus shores.  One student mentioned that Columbus students are often called the “Black Sheep” and another said, “but at Columbus we are Lions”.  At the conclusion of the discussion, Jesse asked if he could try his hand at creating a logo for Columbus High School.  His design so depicted the vision and mission of Columbus High School that it was adopted as our official school seal.  If you look closely, the ships of Columbus have braved rough waters to arrive at a new shore.  From the ship emerge black sheep who, as soon as they touch ground, begin to change into Lions.  As they are changed, they start to climb the mountain to success, overcoming bad habits and obstacles that have kept them from achieving.  Finally, through consistent effort, they have earned their high school diploma and sit proudly on the pinnacle of success.  Crowned with pride, they look back and reflect upon the journey and look forward to a future that is bright!  Their hearts forever filled with a Lion’s pride!