Program Description

The Steps to Success Program

There are steps to success in life and they are paralleled at Columbus High School.   Once enrolled at Columbus, each student’s progress is continually evaluated.   For that purpose, the Steps to Success Program was created and instituted in the early 1990’s. It is a program that monitors specific attendance and academic standards.

When a student arrives at Columbus High School, they often have no idea how credits function in the progression toward their high school diploma.   The Steps to Success route allows for a focus and ownership of their individual progress.  The Steps system tracks student responsibility as academic citizens, one credit at a time.

As a student enrolls at Columbus High School a goal and a goal deadline are established.  Generally a Columbus High School student will express one of two goals; to return to Downey or Warren High School or graduate from Columbus High School.  Once the student and his/her counselor establish a realistic goal and set a deadline date, a credit check form is created for that student. This form is the central tool for communication among students, teachers, parents and administration. It serves as a visual tool, providing an ongoing, friendly format that tracks individual student advancement toward graduation.   Students, parents, teachers, staff, and other interested parties (e.g. probation officers, administration, etc.) can use the Credit Check Form to identify and evaluate students’ respective progress.

Students are able to see exactly how many credits they currently have and exactly how many credits and classes they still need to achieve their goal.  As students earn credits in their scheduled courses, their teachers will enter those credits on the students’ credit check form. These forms are updated daily by the teachers of CHS giving students a constant visual reminder of their progress.

There are ten evaluation periods in each school year.  These evaluation dates usually coincide with the months of the school year and are approximately 4 weeks in length. (See the Evaluation Dates Calendar under the Steps to Success menu on our website)  Once a student’s goal is established, the amount of credits they need to achieve their goal is divided by the number of evaluation periods they have before their deadline date.  This calculation allows students to know exactly how many credits they need to earn each evaluation period.

At the end of each evaluation period, the student is placed on a step that represents their effort level for that evaluation period.  A letter is then sent to each student’s parent or guardian informing them about their son/daughter’s progress that evaluation period.  If a student achieves Step 1 (Honors) they are recognized at our monthly student awards assembly.  If they fall to Step 3 (Below Standard) the student and their parent must attend the scheduled monthly parent/student/teacher meeting in order to correct the necessary issues and make all parties aware of the need for improvement.

To view the exact criteria for each Step, go to the Steps to Success menu on the CHS website and click on Step Standards.